Having trouble with your email open and click rates?

Our audit will uncover all the problematic areas and provide you with actionable, custom-tailored solutions about how to fix them. Regular report delivery time is up to 10 business days or less.

What's included
Email Marketing Audit Report
We deliver a comprehensive report about your email marketing efforts

What's an audit?

Technical Analysis

We cover all the technical aspects, making sure that your emails are delivered correctly and that they land in the Inbox.

Subscribers List Verification

We analyze your lists, show you how to re-engage with dormant subscribers and how to segment those lists to accurately boost engagement.

Email Content Review

We can go as far as to check your actual email content to ensure it is aligned with your business purposes and that it follows all the best practices for email marketing.

Detailed Report

Within 1-2 weeks we will deliver a comprehensive report. All issues that we find during the audit will be accompanied by a detailed step-by-step action plan to fix them.

The Audit Process

Define the goals

We can quickly set up a call or use email to discuss what specific pains you have and to define the goals for the audit together so we can customize our approach to fit your specific needs.

Data Access

We'll need read-only access to the resources you have: email platform, web analytics, postmasters, etc.
We provide a typical NDA or we can use yours, in order to ensure your data is safe.

Actual Auditing Phase

We execute the audit according to the plan and the defined goals. During this period (5 to 10 business days) we'll need a contact person to answer the questions that will arise.

Audit Report

We will present the audit results, go over the identified problems broken down by the potential impact level and then suggest the mitigation steps. Of course, we'll answer any and all of your questions and we will be available for any future follow-ups.

Our audit is as comprehensive as it ever gonna get

Latest Testimonial

Paul Jansen
Paul Jansen
CEO at Jansen Webconcepts NL (4Vector, GraphStock)

Alexander has a lot of knowledge about email marketing and is an all-round smart guy. Great to work with!

November 2017

See if you need an external email marketing audit

Your open & click rates are low

Typically, you want to see at least a 20% open rate and a 3% click rate, depending on your business niche. Compare your metrics to the industry average right now!

You're just doing email for the sake of it

Everybody has their mailing list, right? Well, that may be right, but you'd be surprised how few businesses consciously tie email marketing into their marketing activities, let alone count the ROI for it.

Your customers are not happy

Do you have a high email list churn rate? By the way, do you know what your unsubscription rate is right now? You might be sending the wrong things to the wrong crowd, and even stellar open rates won't help in this case.

You're just not sure about this whole email marketing thing

Nobody knows everything, and there's nothing wrong in asking an expert to chime in. Ironing out a robust email marketing strategy and having a clear, actionable execution plan for you and your marketing team is a must.

Compare your email metrics against industry average

Open rate: XX%
Click rate: XX%
Unsubscribe rate: XX%

According to the Average Email Campaign Stats of MailChimp Customers by Industry, Feb 2017

Your Auditing Team

Alexander Balabanov

Alexander Balabanov

Certified by HubSpot and Google, Alexander has been knee-deep in email marketing for the past 5 years, in both B2C and B2B markets. Before that, he was running his own software testing outsourcing company called TestLab².
His special perk is a holistic approach to all things marketing, email playing an integral part of the company's overall marketing strategy.

Daniel Badretdinov

Daniel Badretdinov

Daniel's background is in CRM development and customization. After that, he turned to digital marketing, having a deep understanding of how each customer should be treated, in order to become a lifelong evangelist of your business.
His particular skill set is making all the best email marketing practices automated and seamlessly connected to other business systems.

Email Audit Pricing


If your concern is only deliverability, and you are sure that your list is pristine and the content is on point.

  • All modern deliverability tests
  • Blacklists check
  • Email headers check
  • Postmasters & FBL verification
$699 one-time fee
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Tech & Subscribers

All technical checks and an in-depth analysis of all your subscribers (up to 100k), their histories and behaviors.

  • Technical audits
  • Email list address verification
  • Subscribers history analysis
  • List segmentation design
  • A/B test setup & suggestions
  • Setup of an email control group
$1299 one-time fee
Order Tier 2 →

All Inclusive

The technical audits, subscribers analysis and a critical examination of your content. Templates, copy, graphics, call-to-actions, mobile-first, you name it.

  • Technical audits
  • Subscribers list analysis
  • Email design reviews
  • Copy & graphics suggestions
  • Emailing frequency & timing analysis
  • One drip campaign design & implementation
  • Alignment with other marketing channels
$1899 one-time fee
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Feeling a bit more self-reliant?

We're creating a service that will help you assess your email marketing on your own, without needing to hire expensive consultants or having to resort to data sharing.
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