Commerce7 & HubSpot Integration

We make HubSpot’s full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service play together nicely with your Commerce7 storefront and PoS. Cheers 🍷

Connect your Commerce7 store to HubSpot to sync, automate, and analyze your data in HubSpot and utilize the highly processed data to convert your leads into paying customers. We call it eCommSwitch!

What eCommSwitch adds to your stack?

First and foremost: your customer info. Their purchasing history, all SKUs, the lifetime value of a customer, discounts and coupons ­­- you get the complete package. Then the eCommerce features of HubSpot itself kick in:

  • Powerful list segmentation based on customer and order activity
  • Workflows that send emails to welcome new customers and recover abandoned carts
  • eCommerce reporting dashboards and custom reporting templates

Discover how EcommSwitch can make Commerce7 and HubSpot work together

When a contact joins a Commerce7 club, send them a congratulatory email with a social hook.

When a customer places an order with a specific promo code in Commerce7, add him/her to the unique static list in HubSpot.

When customer’s lifetime spend crosses a $1000,00 threshold in Commerce7, send them a Gold membership tier notification via HubSpot.

When a customer completes the first purchase in Commerce7, send them a Whoohoo GIF from the team via HubSpot.

When a customer navigates from a non-empty cart in Commerce7, wait 30 minutes and send them an email and a text message via HubSpot.

If an existing customer hasn’t placed an order in 3+ months, send him or her a special offer email via HubSpot.

Oh, the Clubs! You obviously know this already, but for the uninitiated, online wine clubs bring the best produce (and a sprinkle of education, if you do them right) to your loyal customer’s doorstep. We sync your Commerce7 club memberships to HubSpot as well, so you can create targeted communications based on them. Or even better, based on membership, their last interaction with your website, and their previous purchasing habits combination.

Leah DertonThe custom integration that Balabanov & Co implemented for us created business-critical efficiencies in our CRM database that we leverage on a daily basis. They’re always a pleasure to work with and are quick to respond and assist! Highly recommend working with them.

Leah Derton 📃
Senior Director of Marketing
William Chris Wine Company, Texas

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s precisely it. The fully integrated combination of Commerce7 and HubSpot will delight your tasteful clientele, and that’s exactly why we’re all in it.

Pricing & Terms

We offer custom pricing based on your winery needs to key in your current marketing stack factors, inevitable customizations, and other requirements you might have. It’s going to be a yearly subscription, that’s for sure.

You can rest assured, though: we won’t limit you artificially. No matter the amount or volume of the orders, we keep the eCommerce data pipeline flowing to HubSpot near-realtime. Reach out today to get a personalized demo and offer!