Marketing Consulting

Oh happy days, the inception phase. You’re stocked with that new idea, you see a market opportunity and you dive in. A common pitfall is to build it hoping they will come. Trust us, they won’t unless you put your best effort into it.

marketing consulting

Market research

Most likely you’re the expert in your field, that’s where you saw a gap in the market asking to be filled or a dinosaur competitor waiting to be disrupted.

Go-to-market strategy

Are you going to quickly burn through your seed money and try to bite into competitor’ customers? Are you taking a slower route and building up your inbound marketing to dominate the shit out of them in a year?
We can help you evaluate those routes and put numbers to it. Market capacity, shares, whatnot

Marketing roadmap

You kickstarted the launch and it went fine. A week later the buzz goes down and you realize you’re not the coolest kid on the block no more. Time to put in some good work and it better be planned beforehand.

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